Mein gesamter Japan-Bestand an Blankwaffen nebst Schwertzierrat kommt aus verschiedenen Epochen Japans (die meisten Stücke aus der Edo-Periode). Es sind also alles Originale und keine Nachbildungen. 

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an antikem Schwertzierrat ( Menuki )

Menuki O-B: Späte Edo Periode 
One pair of shibuichi menuki featuring the twelve animals of the zodiac 
Preis: 179,00 € 

Menuki Nr. 1 
Shakudo; 1800-1849
Motiv: Hirse und Pilze
Größe: 4,5 cm lang, ca 1,5 cm breit 
Preis: 279,00 € 

Menuki Nr.3 
Superbe menuki set from edo period. This is a very fine a flute player and a basket with flowers. 
All the details are accutely made. Made of copper. 
The condition is excellent, there is no crack or any damage, this is a high quality antique. 
Size: arround 25 mm 
Preis: 225,00 € 

 Menuki Nr 4 
shakudo; Länge 4 cm 
Age: 1800 - 1849 
Preis: 365,00 € 

Menuki Nr.5 
This is an antique sword´s Menuki Set of the Buddha´s disciples design. Gold inlaid. 
Please see the very delicate carving! 
Material: Shakudo 
Dimensions: 3,1 cm 
Age: Late Edo Period 
Preis: 365,00 € 

 Menuki Nr.6 
Chrysanthemum-Menuki. The Shakudo Menukis are decorated with Katabori carving 
and copper inlay and Kin Iroe, formed as a chrysanthemum, usuable for a Daito. 
Size: 4,5 x 1,3 x 0,5 cm; Weight: 12 Gramm 
Age: late Edo 
Preis: 489,00 € 

 Menuki Nr.7 
Size:3,8 x 1,2 x 0,4 cm; 
Preis: 329,00 € 

Menuki Nr.8 
zwei Menuki (wahrscheinlich nicht zusammengehörend). The Shakudo Menuki decorated with Katabori 
and Kin Iroe, design of a radish and the god of luck. 
Size: 4,3 x 1,2 x 0,4 cm; Weight: 7,5 Gramm zusammen 
Age: 1800 - 1849 
Preis: 210,00 €

Menuki Nr.10 
Abmessungen: Ca 4 cm lang, ca 1,3 cm breit, ca 6 mm hoch;
Abb.: Schmetterling und Blumen 
Edo-period (1603-1868) 
Preis: 395,00 € 

Menuki Nr.11 
Abmessungen: Ca 6 cm breit, ca 1,5 cm hoch 
Edo-period (1603-1868) 
Preis: 649,00 € 

Menuki Nr.12 
Edo-period 1603-1868 
das große Menuki ca 7,5 cm breit, ca 2,2 cm hoch;           Preis: 189,00 € 
das kleine Menuki ca 3,2 cm breit ca 1,6 cm hoch             Preis: 159,00 € 
beide zusammen: 299,00 €

Menuki Nr.13 
Antique Japanese Sword "Ume Blossom Design" Menuki Set*
This is an antique sword's Menuki Set of the Ume Blossom design. 
AGE: Late Edo - Meiji Period 
Material: Shakudo 
Abmessung des oberen Menuki: ca 4,6 x 1,7 cm 
Abmessung der unteren Menuki: ca 3,8 x 1,1 cm 
Preis: Das untere Paar 160,00 € 
Preis: Nur das obere Menuki 160,00 € 
Preis für Alle drei: 310,00 € 

Menuki Nr.14 
Shakudo 1850-1899; Menuki in Fächerform; shakudo 1850-1899 ca 4,5 cm lang, 1,6 cm breit; 
Preis: 245,00 € 

Menuki Nr.15 
a pair of Menuki. The Shakudo Menuki decorated with elaborate Katabori carving and Kin lroe, design of a rabbit and many flowers.Size: 3,4 x 1,2 x 0,5 cm; Weight: 6 Gramm; Age: late Edo (1800-1849) 
Preis: 365,00 €

Menuki Nr.16       (signiert) 
Samurai Sword Parts Brave Horse a pair of Menuki Item: a pair of Menuki The Suaka pair of Menuki is decorated with Kata-bori carving, design of the brave Horse, signed Haruaki. Great forged Suaka, Great minute carving, Great "Horse" design. Attachment:a wooden box; Condition: very good; Damage: No major damaged; a little wear, scar Size (cm): 3,1 x 1,4 x 0,7 - 3,0 x 1,3 x 0,6; Weight: 7g; Age: late Edo 1800-1867 
Preis: 410,00 € 

Menuki Nr.18 
Edo Samurai sword Tsuzuri Ogi zu Excellent Menuki Artikelmerkmale Type: Menuki Region of Origin: Japan Primary Material: Copper Original/Reproduction: Original Age: 1800-1849 Japanese Samurai sword Edo Tsuzuri Ogi zu Excellent Menuki Beautiful Japanese folding fan design *DESCRIPTION? Product: Issaku Menuki Region of origin: Japanese. Original/Repro: Original Age: Edo period Condition: Good antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws. Attachment: A wooden box (as this is our service to attach wooden box, we are not responsible for quality or damage of the wooden box during transport) *ITEM'S FEATURES (Issaku Menuki) Size:3.7 x 1 x 0.3cm 6g Signature :Unsigned Material : Shakudo Technique: Katahori Iroe Decoration: Tsuzuri Ogi zu (Japanese folding fan) This is an excellent pair of Menuki depicts beautiful folding fan by fine carving! 
Preis: 298,00 € 

 Menuki Nr. 22: 
Japanese Samurai Edo Antique Sohei zu Excellent Daito Big Menuki Nice priest solider design, Excellent carving! *DESCRIPTION? Product: Menuki for Daito size Region of origin: Japanese. Original/Repro: Original Age: Edo period Condition: Good antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws. Attachment: A wooden box. *ITEM'S FEATURES (Issaku Menuki) Size:6.6x 2x 0.6cm 13g Size:6.5x 2.2x 0.5cm 11g Signature :Unsigned Material : Copper Technique: Katahori Kiniroe Decoration: Sohei zu (priest solider) This is an excellent pair of Menuki decorated with priest solider by fine carving! Artikelmerkmale Type: Menuki; Region of Origin: Japan; Primary Material: Copper; Original/Reproduction: Original; Age: 1800-1849 
Preis: 465,00 € 

enuki Nr. 23: 
Abmessungen: ca 5,5 cm lang; ca 1,5 cm breit 
Preis: 169,00 € 

Menuki Nr. 25: 
Issaku Menuki 
Material: Copper Size: 4,3 x 1,2 x 0,5 cm 
Technique: Katahori iroe 
Decoration: Matsubokkuri ni Tori zu (Pine cone and Birds) 
Preis: 289,00 € 

 Menuki Nr. 26 
Shakudo; 1800-1849
Motiv: Knospen und Blätter
Größe: ca 4,0 x 1,1 cm, 
Preis: 199,00 €

Menuki Nr. 27 
Menuki aus Silberblech getrieben; ca 19 mm Durchmesser; Motiv: Blüten/Blätter 
Preis: Paar 22,00 € 

Menuki Nr. 28 
Menuki aus Silber; ca 33 x 12 mm; Motiv: Blüten/Blätter 
Preis: 22,00 €

Menuki Nr. 29 
Menuki aus Silber; ca 33 x 13 mm; Motiv: Blüten 
Preis: 22,00 €